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Planning a trip on a whim and at the last minute is stress-filled, unorganised, spontaneous but completely worth it! Greece is one of the best discount destinations of the summer and if you don’t know where to go, consider heading to the islands or the capital where you’ll find stellar hotels, sights and flights at low cost prices.

As a result of the recent strikes and economy crisis, more than 20,000 hotel nights have been cancelled by tourists and travellers. Travel agencies and hoteliers hope that the cancellations have stopped and are trying to book their rooms up by cutting the prices as the height of the travel season quickly approaches. Good news for you if you still haven’t planned a holiday in July or August yet!

Barricades, repeated transit strikes and street violence… The images from the media in the last month and a half have certainly disturbed tourists enough to steer clear of Greece during the economic crisis. The country recorded a decline of 12% in tourism in June compared to the same month last year in 2009.

Greece is a prime discount destination right now for travellers on a budget or just looking to snag some great deals on luxury hotels, tourist attractions and first class flights of up to 50%. With fewer tourists, this may just be your chance to get a snapshot of the acropolis without swarms of tourists in the way, especially when you can travel round-trip from London for less than £70.

Travel deals in Greece found today on



Hotels in Athens:

  • Filoxenia ** for £26.43/night – 50 Aharnon, Athens
  • Boutique Hotel Anixi *** for £38/night – 17 Marathonos Avenue, Athens

Hotels in Zakynthos:

  • Apollo Hotel*** for £37.24/night – Argassi Zakynthos
  • Tsiolis Studios Apartments** for £43.86/night – 434 Tsilivi Zak, Zakynthos

Hotels in Corfu:

  • Cavalieri Hotel**** for £93/night – 4 Kapodistriou Str., Corfu

Hotels in Thessaloniki:

  • Nea Metropolis*** for £35/night – 22 Sigrou Street, Thessaloniki

Where are you heading this summer for holidays? Have you booked your trip yet? Temperatures are soaring and there is no place I’d rather be than in that swimming pool in a quaint little villa in Greece!

Img: exfordy / flickr cc

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