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We’re in Chester this week on our Heritage Britain tour. As one of Britain’s oldest cities, you can bet there are plenty of medieval sights to see! City walls with birds eye views, the elegantly decorative Victorian Eastgate Clock and the city’s black and white timber framed houses. 

Over the past six weeks we’ve travelled to Britain’s Heritage cities who are gearing up for a summer like none other. These six cities, Oxford, Stratford, York, Bath, Carlisle and Chester, offer up some of the best trips outside of London for heritage and history. Want to make your own Heritage Britain tour this summer in a London rental car? Just check out our guides, plan your route and start your engine!

Not far from Manchester or Liverpool, Chester makes a very good day out as one of the best preserved medieval cities in England. From the ancient walls that encircle the historic centre to the 13th century arcades… Chester is a real treat!

Visiting medieval Chester

City walls

Did you know that Chester is the only city in England that still has its entire ancient defensive wall? You can walk along the entire circumference, about 2 miles, and get some really great views of the city.

Chester timber houses


Not only does Chester has a fine wall, but it also has the largest stone amphitheatre built by the Romans in Britain. This theatre was a monster to dig up and was one of the most extensive archaeological excavations done. Apart from the amphitheatre, many artifacts and treasures were also found, on display at the Grosvenor Museum.

Town criers

Unlike other British cities, Chester has really made an effort to preserve its heritage in daily life. Chester is the only city to still have a town crier making regular midday announcements in the same place where town criers have cried since the Middle Ages, High Cross. Hear their proclamations Tuesday to Saturday from May to August at noon.

Chester Cathedral

Chester cathedral

Chester’s incredible cathedral has been practically untouched by time. Today it’s one of the most complete medieval monastic churches still standing in the country. Worship services have been held here since the 10th century. Check out those quire stalls! They’re original, from 1380.

 Have you been to Chester? Tell us your favourite spots!

Imgs: Rsinner, Hans Kremmer, pfala, friarsbalsam / Flickr cc.

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