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We’re aching for summer here with this constant rain in the UK, there better be some May flowers after all these April showers! So here’s a little Friday pick-me-up because who doesn’t want to take-off on a little ocean adventure right about now?



1. Sail

Why cruise when you can sail? We’re asking ourselves the same question! With so many great spots around the Mediterranean for sailing trips, if you’re looking for adventure then you’re not likely to find it on a cruise ship (unless it’s the Concordia… but that’s probably not the type of adventure you’re looking for). Don’t be afraid if you’ve never sailed before, there are a ton of sailing companies that rent you the boat and a few crew members for your trip. By the end of the week, you’ll be jibbing like it’s second-nature. All hands on deck!

friday finds ocean coral


2. Explore

We don’t have to convince you that the world under the water is worth exploring. If you’ve seen The Little Mermaid then you know what we’re talking about. Under the sea is where it’s at and you don’t even need SCUBA gear to explore it, just a pair of goggles and a snorkel, things you can probably pick up at any pound shop. Holidays by the sea should be about more than just lazing under the sun’s harmful rays with little to no sunscreen on. Get up, explore! Take a cultural trip into town, island-hop, or swim out and see what kind of fish and shells are lurching on the bottom.

friday finds ocean scuba

3. Scuba

If you love the ocean and the water then SCUBA diving should really be on your travel bucket list. It’s true you do have to take some classes in a pool before you’re allowed to be dropped off to explore the big deep sea but it’s worth the time and effort. Once you’re certified in one place, you’re certified to dive anywhere in the world. Watch out, it’s extremely addicting! The hardest part is choosing where you’re going to go first! Check out our recommendations: Summer dive spots.

friday finds ocean_swimming

4. Swim

One of the things we look forward to most on summer holidays is swimming out in the sea. The salty water does wonders for your skin for one and swimming is one killer work-out if you really put the energy into doing some laps. Whether you’re swimming at one of Britain’s top 7 beaches or on a lush beach on the Italian seaside, please, leave your water wings at home (unless you’re under the age of ten or really do not know how to swim). Beach holidays don’t have to be lazy so get on up and swim!

Which is your favourite activity to do while on holidays at the sea?

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