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Hello, beach! Hello, Spanish sun! It’s about time you started thinking about your pre-summer getaway, isn’t it? May is the perfect time to travel to Tenerife: pre-tourist season discounts, warm weather, uncrowded beaches, cheap flights… the list goes on. Fly London to Tenerife this May for £63.

You know what Tenerife is all about during the summer, so what does travelling to the Canary Islands in spring have to offer? The same. Just with fewer people, lower prices and colder water. You might not be brave enough to take a dip in the ocean, but that doesn’t mean the hotel pool is out of the question!

Once June hits, the prices soar so if you’re looking for a pre-summer getaway to some place warm, grab these Ryanair flights before they go up too! Now that we’ve done the hard part of tracking down the flight deal, all you need to do is get packing!

  • swimsuit
  • shorts
  • enough tops for the entire trip
  • rubber flip-flops
  • sweaters/light jacket (springtime nights get chilly!)
  • long pants
  • sunscreen! (don’t be deceived by the term “spring,” even the winter sun can burn)

What you forget, you can always buy there including a straw sun hat and a colourful sarong for the beach.

Where are you going this spring?

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