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Spanish low cost airline Vueling is making a lot of changes recently. These changes are definitely something to celebrate if you’re planning on flying to Spain this summer. Starting July 5th, Vueling will begin connecting passengers through Barcelona El Prat Airport to other destinations in their network which cover Spain, Europe and North Africa.

Leisure passengers and business travellers rejoice! Vueling now connects flights. You might have noticed before that you could fly from Amsterdam to Alicante with a stopover in Barcelona, for example. But now, with a new Vueling-to-Vueling strategy, you can transfer quickly and easily, not having to collect your bags and re-check them in for your next flight.

Using Barcelona as a Vueling hub is only possible because of the new baggage handling facilities in Terminal 1 at El Prat Airport. For the first time Vueling will be in charge of transferring luggage between flights on top of the usual loading and unloading. Despite these new costs, the airline maintains that its cheap airfares will stay as low as they always have been.

So what can you expect this summer from Vueling?

  • 418 new Vueling-to-Vueling connection flights
  • Free Wi-Fi while you wait in Barcelona and discounts at airport shops and restaurants
  • Cheap flights to 43 domestic and international destinations
  • Free luggage transfers!

Fly from London, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Zurich, Munich, Prague, Vienna and more to everywhere in Spain from A Coruña to Malaga. All of Vueling’s flights can be found on, just launch a search and choose your preferred airline from the search filters on the results page.

Where will Vueling take you this summer?

Image: inthecitymad / flickr cc

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