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New EU rules set to be put in place next year will see at least one in twenty British beaches fail the cleanliness tests as tougher standards are set across Europe and Great Britain.

Almost all of Britain’s beaches (we’re talking 99.5% here) meet the basic standards for clean bathing water with just two beaches failing to make the grade this summer: Lyme Regis Church Cliff Beach in Dorset and Staithes in North Yorkshire.

But tougher European standards will come into force next year, seeing 5% of those reaching mandatory standards this year classed as “poor.” New standards will see only 94.5% of English beaches passing the cleanliness tests. Those most at risk include Blackpool North, Blackpool Central, Lancashire and Seaton and East Looe in Cornwall.

Water quality is at an all-time high now in Britain and with more emphasis on reducing water pollution, the water minister sees no reason why England’s beaches can’t meet the new EU standards.

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Img: giuseppemilo / Flickr cc.

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