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Icelandair Has Created The World’s ‘Coolest’ Plane

Icelandair has revealed the newest addition to its fleet and trust us, this is one plane you’re going to want to fly on!

Inspired by Vatnajökull, the largest glacial mass in Europe, Icelandair’s new Boeing757-200 is more than just a plane – it’s a work of art. An image of the glacier has been hand-painted on the plane’s exterior, while inside there’s moving blue LED lighting, white and turquoise headrests and a drinks cart in the form of an ice-cave. If all that’s not enough, glacier prints will also adorn cups, napkins and sick bags!

Titled Vatnajökull, the plane takes its name from the famous glacier around which it has been designed and operates on a number of routes, including those across the atlantic. The plane was created to celebrate Icelandair’s 80th birthday and we have to say, it looks pretty amazing!

Check out the plane being created below.

IMG: Icelandair / Pixabay

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