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Erasmus students rejoice: Ryanair are introducing a range of benefits aimed at those taking a year abroad as part of the European program!

Thousands of students take part in the Erasmus program every year, racking up of plenty of air miles flying across Europe on travels to and from their host country in the process. All that can mean travel costs add up pretty quickly. Fortunately, Ryanair knows that too – which is why they’ve introduced a new partnership with the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) to make things a little easier, and a little more budget friendly.

Starting from September 1, 2017, students traveling with Ryanair as part of their Erasmus program will benefit from a number of discounts and freebies. These include 15% off flights, and a free checked bag – pretty great if you ask us! There will also be weekly travel offers and tailored discounts, as well as a dedicated community forum and an Erasmus booking portal.

The 15% discount can be taken on up to 4 return flights per academic year, with each flight encompassing a free checked bag. To take advantage of the offers, you’ll need to have a valid ESN card; the benefits are available between September 1 – June 15.

Will you be taking advantage of Ryanair’s partnership with ESN?

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