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Now that Christmas has come and gone, we’re looking ahead to New Year’s Eve. London is getting ready for the biggest party of the year and the main attraction will be the annual free fireworks display from the London Eye. Here are all the details.

London’s New Year’s Eve celebrations attract millions every year. The impressive display of fireworks, the concerts in the streets… and what a year for London to celebrate! The Olympic Games in the summer went down without a hitch and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee was stunning.

Heading to London for NYE?

Here’s how your night might look if you want to soak up the sounds and parties on the streets on December 31st.

10:00pm – Live DJs will take to the stage and play, according to the Greater London Authority, “hit tunes, party classics and new sounds” as the crowds begin to gather around the London Eye.

00:00am – At midnight, an explosion of fireworks will go off from the London Eye alongside a specially created music soundtrack. Shortly after the entire crowds will be led in the singing of Auld Land Syne (so if you don’t know the words, better brush up on them before the clock strikes midnight).

12:45am – The DJs will continue to play music in the streets until 12:45am.

After that, the night is yours!

“How do I get home?”

A very good question. Tube, DLR, tram and some National Rail services will run all night while night and 24-hour buses will run as usual. All public transportation services will be free of charge between 11:45pm and 4:30am.

The day after

On New Year’s Day, don’t miss the annual New Year’s Day Parade, starting at 11:45am from Berkeley Street. The procession will end at Parliament Square at 3:00pm and usually attractions a half million spectators. More than 10,000 performers will be part of the display, a great way to celebrate the day if you’re travelling with your family.

Img: toastwife / Flickr cc.

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