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Belize doesn’t have to pose to look good on its postcards. It’s naturally radiant which crystal blue waters and lush forests and jungles, scattered with ancient Mayan ruins. Gems like clear bays, coral, brightly coloured fish, sea turtles and dolphins are just the usual here which is why Belize is the most underrated snorkelling destination in the world. As if you need any more travel temptation this season…

Belize likes to keep itself under the radar which is great for travellers that want a southern experience without the tourist resorts or jam-packed beaches. Along the coast you could easily fill a holiday between kayaking and snorkelling. Thanks to local efforts nearly 40% of the country is protected in some shape or form from development. Unfortunately 80% of the coastal land has been bought by foreign companies and investors with the plans of building up condos and resorts.

This can only mean one thing, head to Belize before it changes.

Where to dive

The island mantra (img: wiki)
The reef in Belize is one of the finest in the region and there are two main diving places in the reef: Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye. Depending your style it’s quite easy to choose between the two.

  • Caye Caulker: If you’re more of a backpacking type who prefers slow travel and often has a guitar slung over your shoulder then this place  is probably for you. With around 30 small and homey hotels and local restaurants, it’s all about cool here.
  • Ambergris Caye: This place is all about location. The best dive spots in the reef are minutes away from here. It’s better suited for city slickers that like upbeat restaurants, sleeping in boutique hotels, shopping and getting a taste of incredible island night life.

No matter which place you choose there is only one prerogative: relax.  With nothing but beaches, cold drinks, swimming, snorkelling and napping on the schedule, it’s hard not to. The easiest way to reach Belize from the UK is to search for flights to Belize City on The journey may take 30+ hours, but it’s totally worth it.

If you’re interested in a sunny holiday with snorkelling and ancient ruins, you should check out flights to Cancun, British Airways launched direct flights to Cancun in June.

Have you been? Where’s the best place you’ve snorkelled?

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