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Japan has always been famous for its high-speed trains but its maglev train has set a whole new standard for high-speed travel as it reaches speeds of 603 kph.

Japan Railway’s maglev train broke the record, hitting a speed of 374 miles per hour on an experimental test track in Yamanashi, setting a new world record. A railway official said the train spent 10.8 seconds travelling faster than 600km per hour, during which it travelled a distance of 1.8 kilometres.

At present time, China operates the world’s fastest commercial maglev, which reaches speeds of 431 kilometres per hour (268 mph) on its regular route through Shanghai. You can get that’s a lot faster than what your usual commuter train can hit. Unlike traditional trains, maglev trains work with magnets that push the train away from the track and propel it forward.

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Img: ketmonkey / Flickr cc.

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