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Jordan is doing everything it can to attract tourists and boost visitor numbers to its historic sites and cities by dropping the fee for tourist visas.

The government has decided to drop the £37 fee (40 dinar) as part of a series of changes planned to take place over the next few months as the country tries to make Jordan “more convenient and affordable for people of all nationalities.”

The visa fee will only be waived for tourists travelling with a tour operator, provided they spend a minimum of two consecutive nights in Jordan. Travellers will still need to obtain a visa at the airport upon arriving on flights to Jordan, but there will be no fee charged. Independent travellers will need to stay 3 consecutive nights and purchase a “unified tourist site ticket” in order to dodge the tourist visa fee.

These changes to the visa system should be in place by September, the ideal time to plan a trip to Jordan and the Middle East.

Img: didierbaertschiger / Flickr cc.

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