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What happens when Amsterdam, Europe’s cycling capital, runs out of parking spaces for bicycles in the city centre? It builds 40,000 more!

You know you have a serious cycling culture when there just aren’t enough places to lock up your bike in the city centre, and not because there’s a lack of them, but because they’re all taken! The Dutch capital is running out of room for the 880,000 bicycles that travel and park along its canals. 40,000 new parking spaces for bikes are planned to be added over the next fifteen years.

The city plans to build a 7,000-space bicycle garage underwater at the waterfront near the city’s Central Station. Plus, some floating garages, to accommodate 2,000 bikes each will be added by 2020.

With 43% of Amsterdam locals using their bikes to commute to and from work every day, plus all the tourists wheeling their way around town, Amsterdam is the place to do a city cycle tour. Love to bike? Check out our guide: Europe by bicycle.

Img: joiseyshowaa / Flickr cc.

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