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Jordan’s tourist visa fees have doubled, with hardly any notice at all. It’s a major change that will mainly effect small groups and independent travellers visiting Jordan.

The tourist fee rose on April 2nd from 20 Jordanian dollars (JOD) to 40 with only 24 hours notice. With current exchange rates, the new visa costs approximately £34. There is a catch though.

The increased visa fee will be waived for tourists travelling in groups larger than 5, who stay for at least 3 nights in Jordan and who travel using either a national tour operator or a British one with a Jordanian ground partner. If you’re planning flights to Jordan and are travelling in a group, then this piece of news probably doesn’t apply to you but if you are planning to backpack through Jordan solo, or with a couple friends, then these new fees will apply to you.

And if Jordan trips weren’t getting more expensive as it is…

easyJet plans to cut Gatwick-Amman route

Flights to Jordan are bound to also rise in price as easyJet plans to withdraw its flights service from London Gatwick to Amman from May 4th, 2014. The airline is pulling the route because “passenger demand has not been at a viable level to maintain it.” If you’ve already bought flights to Jordan onboard easyJet set to fly after May 4th, you’ll be offered a full refund.


Visiting Jordan

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has no particular travel advisory on Jordan but does recommend staying away from the Syrian border, at least a mile, from the Sad Al-Wihdeh Dam to the Jabr crossing.

Why Jordan has raised its tourist visa fees at a time when tourist numbers are down is a mystery to us. What do you think?

Imgs: Davidlohr Bueso, neekohfi / Flickr cc.

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