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The buzz of the holidays has passed and we’re still left with winter: frozen, cold, bitter winds. The best part of endless cold days and nights is keeping warm. If you’re feeling a chill, cosy up to these ideas on how to keep warm this winter.

Cold and icy winters are inevitable in some parts of the world. Rather than scorn the cold days like we do in the UK, the locals in these countries embrace them and have their own ways to keep warm during the bleakest of winter days. Let’s take a look!


There is one trick to staying warm in beautiful (and cold) Iceland: wearing a lopapeysa. Lopa-what? A lopapeysa is an Icelandic sweater knit with local and plentiful sheep’s wool which is characterized by the design around the neck and shoulders. What’s so special about this sweater? The wool isn’t spun which means that it contains more air which acts as an insulator… brilliant isn’t it? This sweater is also knit is such a way that it’s the same back and front so you can never wear it “backwards.” Which can sometimes happen when you dress in the dark before the sun rises…

How many lopapeysas can you spot in this video??

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Finland sauna

Every Finn knows the benefits of a good sauna session with their friends in the dead of winter. Whether you do it at home (yes, many Finns have saunas in their houses and apartment buildings) or out in the woods in an intimate wood cabin, the sauna is an essential part of getting through the bone-chilling winter season. Some tips? Do as the locals do: go naked. Many also like to take a cold beer into the sauna with them, just watch out though, because if you don’t drink your beer fast enough the can heats up and almost burns your lips when you take a sip.

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After a game of pick-up puck on the neighbourhood rink until your toes are numb through your skates, it’s time to head inside and warm up at the local Timmies (slang for Tim Horton’s… a country-wide coffee + donut joint that was started by an NHL hockey player). Order yourself a double-double and a maple dip donut and find a table near the window. There’s nothing like a good day out on the ice or hitting the hills with your toboggan. Just make sure not to lose a mitten and to keep your tuque (read: knit winter hat) on tight.

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Russia in winter

It seems the word winter is synonymous with Russia, particularly Siberia. We all know that Russians keep warm with the hard stuff (read: v-o-d-k-a) when winter’s at its hardest but they are also huge beer and coffee drinkers! After shivering around Moscow’s snowy streets to see the sights, head to the banya and let the day’s chills dissolve as you soak in the hot steam for hours. Once you’re done it’s tradition to jump into the snow to cool off …so the heating process can start all over again.

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If you’re feeling the chill of winter while you read this, cosy up with a hot brew and this playlist, bound to keep you warm, at least for a little while! How do you keep warm when winter hits?

Imgs:, naystin, AlphaTangoBravo / Adam Baker / Flickr cc.

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