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KLM is running a cool promotion right now and all it takes is a little creativity to enter. Upload a photo and transform it into a Delft-styled tile. What’s in it for you? Getting your face on the side of an airplane. Even if your tile isn’t chosen, this is one cool app!

Delftware is an important part of the Dutch culture. For centuries homes in Holland were decorated with these blue and white, tin-glazed tiles, dating as far back as the 16th century. To celebrate this tradition, KLM wants its passengers to create their own blue and white, Dutch-inspired tiles to be used to decorate one of their airplanes.

Tile and Inspire

How to create your tile:

  • Head to
  • Choose a background tile… everything from floral, windmill-inspired, frilly collars, Dutch hats to canal houses.
  • Upload a photo either from your computer or from Facebook.
  • Drag the photo so that your face is front and centre, adjust the size if necessary.
  • Finish your tile by adding a caption or inspirational message to the bottom.

That’s it! Submit your tile if you like it and you could find your face on the side of one of KLM’s newest aircraft!

If your own virtual tile doesn’t satisfy, grab some flights to Amsterdam and get yourself to Delft or anywhere else in the Netherlands for that matter. You can find plenty of ceramics painted in this traditional blue and white style at all the tourist shops and markets. Who needs a pair of wooden clogs when you can have pretty pottery?

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3 responses to “KLM says, “Tile yourself!”

  1. Cool!
    Would have been even cooler to find the direct link to the app in the post! 😛
    Im tiling myself right now. 🙂

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