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  •   2 min read’s priority is helping travellers find great deals quickly. It takes time to plan a trip, knows this because we’re travellers too, which is why we’re always adding new airlines, travel agencies and hotels to our database. The more choices you have, the easier it is to find the deal you’re looking for in the destination of your choice.

If you’re planning a summer holiday or a last minute trip, head to to find your cheap flights, hotels and car hires. searches 250 travel sites, 600 airline companies (70 of which are low cost) in seconds which means that instead of searching dozens of sites individually you can search them all in once place, saving a lot of time. Here are the newest suppliers in our database, any look familiar?


Tripana Hotels – Find hundreds more hotels and riads in Morocco’s best holiday destinations when you search on Casablanca, Fez, Agadir and Ouarzazate are just a few of the possibilities.

ApartCity Hotel – If you want both comfort and economy, search for hotels offered by ApartCity Hotels and Residences. With hotels covering just about every corner of France, book for just one night or for a few months, taking full advantage of French hospitality and culture.


TGV Europe Trains – Offering travellers a unique and environmentally way to travel, TGV Europe books holidays by train. Travel from city centre to city centre without dealing with airports, security checks and long line ups. Travel anywhere in Europe by rail. – Based in Germany, offers discounted and low cost airline tickets in the USA and Europe. Find your next flight to Germany, Sweden, France, Italy or even California!

If you want to find any one of these specific suppliers, just launch a search on and use the search filters on the left-hand side of the search results page under the header Supplier.

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