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Travelling with a map in your back pocket and a suitcase weighted down with travel guides is no longer as fashionable as it used to be. You could say that the iPhone revolutionised the way we travel. If someone doesn’t agree, they will in due time. Finding travel information on the go has never been easier, here are just a few applications when out and about.

liligo for iPhone – Free

Search for flights on the go with’s flight search application. liligo for iPhone finds regular, low cost and charter flights from anywhere to anywhere in the world while you’re travelling or sitting at home. Share flight details with friends by email and book your flight by contacting the airline/travel company directly from your iPhone or on the web.

I’ve written about this iPhone app before, if you want to know more about it.

Lingolook Flashcards – $4.99

Most translation apps need a data connection, which can be costly abroad. Lingolook on the other hand doesn’t. It works directly from your phone with more than 300 phrase flashcards with key travelling phrases and pronunciation keys. If you can’t pronounce them, just tap your screen and it’ll do the talking for you. It’s available in Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese and Italian with German and Hindi on the way.

GateGuru – Free

You have arrived at the airport, checked your bags and you’ve got an hour to spare. GateGuru tells you where the best food is, gifts shops, book stores, souvenirs and more. It is essentially a travel guide for airports around the world. Read reviews and your layover time won’t be wasted with this handy travel app.

Sit or Squat – Free

It may sound silly but if you’re a traveller you know how completely necessary this app is: it tells you, based on your location, where the nearest free toilet is. Finding the nearest golden arches is not always easy in a foreign city (which is usually my best bet when looking for a free toilet), so I can imagine how helpful this app would be. There are even photographs and reviews! It’s useful not only abroad but at home too.

Urbanspoon – Free

Designed like a slot machine, spin to find a nearby restaurant. Set your price range, location and style and leave your dinner plans to chance with this gastronomic application. The data is based upon user reviews so even if you are just 20 metres from a great place, if ‘spooners’ haven’t written about it, you won’t find it with Urbanspoon. If you’re a real foodie I’d recommend checking some other food guides but if you’re up for a random gastro experience, Urbanspoon it!

Traverter – $2.99

Not only does it convert currencies but local clothing sizes, telephone numbers, distances, temperatures and more. A basic app for every conversion any traveller could ever be faced with.

With anywhere from 500 to 1000 new iPhone applications being released per week, it’s tough to keep up! Any apps you’d like to add to our list that you’ve found useful for travel? Have you used any of these apps before, tell us what you think!

Image: hirotomo / flickr cc

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