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Music from both Lady Gaga and Katy Perry definitely jazz-up one airline’s in-flight safety demonstration. Cebu Pacific Airline’s flight attendants performed a choreographed dance on a recent flight to make learning about seatbelts, life jackets and emergency exits a little more interesting.

The songs featured were California Gurls and Just Dance and one passenger happened to capture it on their camera-phone. Cebu Pacific Airlines, a low cost airline based in the Philippines, has a reputation for already doing things a little unconventionally, trying to make their flights as enjoyable and memorable as possible for their passengers, even if it means breaking out in dance in mid-flight!

Apparently their flight attendants have more skills than just serving drinks and snacks in the sky! The dance was just an experiment but it will probably be a repeat performance since the response was so positive.

The performance was given mid-flight after the seat-belt sign was turned off. At the start of the flight, a standard safety demonstration was also given. More airlines should take note since the more interesting the safety demonstration the more likely passengers will listen up, especially to instructions that could save their lives in the event of an emergency.

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What was your most memorable flight moment?

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