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As London prepares for Baroness Thatchers’ funeral later this week, the city is also considering a way to permanently celebrate the legacy of the country’s only female prime minister : a library and museum.

Margaret Tatcher Library & Museum

Plans are already well under way for an establishment that will house a library, museum and training centre, a permanent memorial to “Britain’s greatest post-war leader,” as described by Welsh Secretary David Jones. The idea came from California where the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum is located.

Reagan and Thatcher

The museum will hold artefacts and momentos from Thatchers life like a selection of her handbags and signature Aquascutum suits, and other items from 1980s Britain, the so-called “Thatcher era”, while the training centre will hold conferences on her legacy, values and politics.

For now it’s just an idea. Fundraising will begin after her funeral on Wednesday. Conservative MP Conor Burns explains,

“The proposed library and museum would keep her ideas alive for a new generation. She was always much more interested in the cuter than the past, and she was interesting in the battle of ideas… this idea is one that would have young people being exposed to her ideas and her values, and how potentially if she was starting again how those values would inform the challenges of the next 30 years.”

While no exact location has been decided upon the museum and library will be located in Westminster, likely near the Houses of Parliament. Just another thing to add to your list when you spend your holidays in London!

Any chance this museum will make it onto the city’s popular museums list? Would you check it out?

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