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It’s time to take a trip, and you don’t even need to get up from your desk! This is Google Street View taken to the next level. The new time-lapse technology is called Hyperlapse and all you need to do is choose your route and let the journey begin!

Start your virtual road trip on Hyperlapse.js which transforms any route from Google Street View into a virtual time-lapse trip. In a nutshell the whole project is an experiment to create “interactive Google Street View hyper-lapse animations.” In other words, pretty wicked cool videos of the world.

How does it work?

Hyper-lapse photography is a technique that combines time-lapse and sweeping camera movements that are typically focused on a single point of interest like how you move through Google Street View. To create a video out of these images you need a lot of time and a careful eye to “stitch” all the photos together. T+L Labs, the team behind Google Street View Hyperlapse, designed a pretty impressive tool so you can create your own Hyperlapse “road trips” from your desk. Amazing.


The possibilities

Amazing, right? Give it a try and make your own virtual road trips!

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