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There’s a new beauty jutting tall out of London’s skyline; the Shard. Aptly named after its glass construction, the Shard is now open to the public and offers (arguably) the best views of London. Move over Eye, the Shard is where it’s at.

View from the Shard

London officially opened its newest landmark on February 1st. The Shard stands an impressive 309m tall and it’s 87 stories are now open to the public for the first time. It is the tallest building in Europe and features an unbeatable viewing gallery and open-air observation deck from floors 68 to 72.

On a clear day, officials say you can see nearly 40 miles away down the River Thames and beyond. The View from the Shard, as the observation deck is called, is remarkable.

For the best views, head to the Shard


Other than the viewing decks and galleries, the Shard will soon house 180,000+ square metres of office space, a dozen luxury residences (priced at a mere £32 million each), Shangri-La Hotel and a few floors of restaurants and retail outlets. The addition of the Shard is a huge investment in the London Bridge Quarter.

As for Boris Johnson, who cut the ceremonial ribbon on Friday, he loves it,

“I don’t think there’s anything in London like this. It’s the closest thing to being in an aeroplane and looking down on London. You can see all the bends in the river, you can see my office, you can see Buckingham Palace, you can see the whole (city) for 40 miles around.”

On the first day alone the Shard welcomed 4,800 people at £24.95 a ticket.

Will you be heading up the Shard on your next holiday in London?

Imgs: masochismtangoMr Moss / Flickr cc.

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