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Unfortunately we’ve missed the funeral of Oscar the dob but it’s still not too late to pay homage to one of the world’s greatest four-pawed travellers there ever was. Woof, woof!

For the fans of this friendly pooch, it was sad news to hear of his passing when Oscar was struck by a car in San Jose, California on January 11th. It was in his hometown of Cape Town that he loved to fly in inflatable hot air balloons. He was a dog after adventures which took him on a trip around the world with flights to Paris, India and beyond.

His photo album is impressive for a pooch: Oscar in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon, Oscar in front of Cologne Cathedral, Oscar at the San Francisco Golf Championship… Places like the Eiffel Tower and the Great Wall of China were favourite spots for afternoon walks.

How ‘pet-friendly’ is travel? Very!

Oscar’s Photo Album

Accompanied by his faithful owner Joanne Lefson– who saved him from euthanasia in a South African kennel– Oscar was launched onto a world tour of animal advocacy to raise awareness about the fate of abandoned dogs and animals. He won over the hearts of many tourists and locals during his trips abroad.

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Imgs: World Woof Tour

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