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Lonely Planet’s team has put their heads together to come up with this year’s list of “Best in Travel,” featuring top 10 lists of cities, regions and countries travellers should visit in 2015. Here are their picks for city breaks next year, do you agree with the choices?

1. Washington DC

For museums and monuments, there are few cities that compare to Washington. 2015 marks the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, so many artefacts including the famous top hat of the United States’ 16th president will be on display for all to see. Catch direct flights to Washington onboard British Airways.


2. El Chaltén

Get up close with Mother Nature in this Argentinian city, bordered by 3,405m jagged Monte Fitz Roy and the ice-tipped Cerro Torre at 3,102m. Explore 726, 927 hectares of World Heritage glaciers, forests, lakes and waterfalls in the gorgeous Parque Nacional Los Glaciares. Don’t forget the Hielos Sur, the second-biggest chunk of ice outside the world’s polar regions!


3. Milan

Milan is always a good choice but in 2015, Milan will welcome thousands of visitors for Expo 2015, the latest of the world fairs held since the mid-1800s. The expo will take place between May and October and next year the focus will be all about food. The 1million+ square metre fairgrounds will be laid out like a classical Roman city!


4. Zermatt

Hikers, mountaineers and skiers will be pleasantly surprised when they reach the Matterhorn that rises over Zermatt. In 2015, this luxurious resort will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the first ascent by Edward Whymper and his team of climbers in 1865. Unfortunately, four perished in an accident on the descent. This is the perfect choice for a winter ski holiday!


5. Valletta

Malta’s charming capital has had some major restorations. Renzo Piano’s new gateway welcomes visitors into the city, while the parliament buildings are faced with laser-cut stonework… so modern! The rest of the city is a charming array of 17th century buildings with Malta’s beautiful coastline waiting to be discovered. 2015 marks the 450th anniversary of the Great Siege, with special celebrations planned for September 8th.


6. Plovdiv

This Bulgarian city boasts one of the most beautiful Old Towns in Europe, with the Rhodope Mountains just a stone’s throw away. Many of the city’s historic and heritage buildings have lovingly been restored in the last ten years, now some of the city’s finest museums, hotels and restaurants. Not to mention the Roman theatre in the middle of the shopping district.


7. Salisbury

Salisbury is too often just a stopover on the way to the iconic Stonehenge but in 2015, the city will be attracting more visitors than ever to this classically British town as its greatest treasure turns 800… the Magna Carta. The Salisbury Cathedral will be hosting plenty of celebrations throughout the year including a brand new exhibition.


8. Vienna

Is visiting Vienna ever a bad idea? In 2015, Vienna has a lot going for it, first off it will be hosting the Eurovision Song Contest and second, the city celebrates 150 years since the construction of the Ringstrasse. There are few cities in Europe where you can club all night long, soak up some opera and hit a sausage stand on the way home!


9. Chennai

Thinking about an Indian adventure next year? Flights to Chennai will bring you to the capital of the country’s south. Chennai is celebrating the opening of the Chennai Metro Rail next year, which means fast, frequent and air-conditioned trains all over the city, shuttling visitors and locals to the city’s most famous sights including the Dravidian temples, colonial British fortifications, churches, beaches and some stunning museums.


10. Toronto

Canada’s biggest city is set to host the Pan-American Games next year and to get ready, the city has been doing its homework, including a brand new Union Pearson Express train which shuttles passengers from the airport to downtown in just 25 minutes. Toronto’s restaurant scene rivals that of Montreal and New York, from trendy steak eateries downtown to vegan cafes in Kensington Market, so tuck in!


Which of these destinations would you most like to visit?

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