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Do you believe this? Someone actually tried this earlier in the week. The passenger was stopped at security at Mexico City’s international airport for a random search when they discovered the mysterious bulge below the belt. Turns out he was trying to smuggle 18 tiny monkeys under his shirt and pants from Peru.

The traveller, a Mexican native, arrived in Mexico City on a flight from Lima, Peru (yes, he passed security in Lima with 18 monkeys in his pants) and airport authorities only noticed the mysterious package of endangered titi monkeys because of the man’s very odd and suspicious behaviour when he was patted down at a random security check after arriving.

How else would you behave if you were carrying a load of illegal monkeys under your clothes and an officer started to pat you down??

The man is now being held by the Mexican authorities on charges of animal trafficking of endangered species.

This Mexican traveller isn’t the first to try to smuggle weird things or live animals on his person or in his luggage. Here is just a sampling of some of the craziest things airport security has found in unclaimed luggage and during security checks:

  • Ancient Egyptian artefacts: A mummified falcon, shrunken head and other objects dating back to 1500 BC were found in an abandoned Gucci bag in the 1980s. The owner was never found.
  • A camera designed for a NASA spaceship: Airport officials returned it to NASA, who thanked them for finding their lost camera.
  • Suit of armour: This particular suit wasn’t genuine but it was a close replica to one from the 19th century. Can you imagine losing something like that, at the airport?
  • Rattle-snake: A live roaming rattle snake escaped from someone’s luggage and was found slithering around on the baggage carousel.
  • Tortoises from Madagascar: To present officers at Kuala Lumpur Airport have found approximately 400 rare tortoises trying to be smuggled from Madagascar.
  • Marmoset monkey: one man was stopped by Spirit Airlines on a low cost flight to New York for transporting a monkey (also from Peru) under his hat. Other passengers reported that it was very well-0behaved during the flight. It’s now at the NYC Zoo.
  • Pigeons: A man was stopped in Manchester after security found 6 live pigeons from Pakistan in his hand luggage in December 2009.
  • Barbie: A woman bought a Barbie doll for her daughter from the Unclaimed Baggage Centre in Alabama, USA (a storehouse/shop where all unclaimed baggage ends up in the USA). When the little girl ripped the head off the doll, $500 US in rolled bills fell out. Cha-ching!

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Img: kubina / Flickr cc.

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