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Why go to the beach this summer when you can go to Paris? A very thought-provoking question indeed now that the City of Lights has set up an artificial beach along the Seine River, complete with sand, grassy areas, lawn chairs, swimming pools and shade. Parisians no longer need to escape to the Riviera or Normandy for a beach getaway, they just need to hit up the Left Bank.

Since 2002, Paris has been setting up artificial beaches along the Seine, just one the first year, this year there are three. Each beach has its own deck chairs, drink stands, showers and misters for cooling off and even palm trees! Beaches are open from 8:00 in the morning until midnight until August 20th.

The area is not only set up for beach bums and sun bathers, but offer loads of entertainment for those that don’t come clad in bikinis or swim shorts. There are concert stages set up, playgrounds for kids, buckets and shovels for building sandcastles and even courts for playing boules. Feel free to lounge around or get active at the BMX and skate park or the volleyball nets.

What does it take to build a beach within the city?

  • 2000 tonnes of sand
  • 3000 palm trees
  • 450 deck chairs
  • 3 dozen hammocks
  • $2.7 million (£1.7 million)

Many Parisians don’t find the time or the money nowadays to take traditional holidays in the countryside or to the coast despite the many cheap holiday offers available these days. This beach initiative was first designed to give locals a chance to get some sun while in the city without feeling like they’ve missed out on a holiday. Now its turned into not only a local affair, but one for visitors from all over the world. Unlike most other beaches in France, top-less sunbathing is strictly forbidden (disobedient sun bathers risk fines of $48), as is swimming in the river.

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