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Travelling by car on holiday provides you with plenty of freedom to explore at a time that suits you and your family. Not only is it convenient, it can actually save you money. Here are some very useful car hire tips.

If you are travelling in a group of people sharing the cost of car hire can actually be cheaper than buying several train or bus tickets. There are many reasons why people hire cars on holiday but each time you choose to hire a car you should always ensure you read around the subject to avoid unnecessary expenses.

1. Check What Time the Return Depot is Open

Most rental contracts are based on 24 hour rentals and if you return your car late your credit card could be charged another day’s rental fee. Ask the supplier what time they open and close, especially if you are returning the car on the weekend or over a bank holiday.

2. Get Like for Like Quotes

Most car hire companies bundle things together but some companies will charge additional fees. Therefore when you are searching online for the cheapest quote make sure you know what is included. If one quote includes insurance make sure other quotes also include insurance.

3. Check the Fuel Policy

One unexpected bugbear people may face is paying for fuel they do not use. Some car hire suppliers will charge you for a full tank of fuel and ask you to return the car empty. This means if you don’t use the full tank you will have paid for fuel you didn’t use. Therefore read the terms & conditions or ask the supplier about the fuel policy before paying a deposit.

4. Check if You are Covered

As mentioned earlier some companies will include car hire insurance but you will be expected to pay the excess fee. Always check what you are covered for and take out additional cover if necessary. You can always take out policies to waiver the excess fee for peace of mind.

5. Get Copies of Damage Reports

This is particularly important. Before taking the car, do a thorough check with the supplier and fill in the initial damage report making notes of every existing dent, scratch or scuff mark on the vehicle. Do the same when you return your car and compare the before and after damage reports carefully to avoid paying for damage that already existed on your hire car.

These are just a few car hire tips to consider before hiring a car. It is always advisable to read about the location you intend to drive also. However with these tips you should be able to book car hire in confidence and enjoy the freedom and convenience car hire offers you whilst on holiday.


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