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Sat Navs are truly amazing inventions, without them I know I wouldn’t be able to get from A to B on many of my car journeys. But saying that SatNavs are also incredibly annoying, especially when they tell you to turn off the motorway at the very last minute or scream ‘recalculating, recalculating’ when you accidently miss a small turning – why can’t Satnav’s give us a break?!

Well, in recent travel tech news it seems there has been a huge improvement to SatNavs voice command system – a change that would ease the stress and keep you calm no matter how many times you missed a turning and had to endure its disapproval.

Soon you will be able to opt for Morgan Freeman’s voice telling you when to turn and how many miles it is to the next service station that has a Mcdonald’s or KFC. Yes – Morgan Freeman the Academy Award winner and acting legend.

As promotion for his upcoming role in thriller film, London Has Fallen, Freeman is lending his voice to the Google-owned system, Waze.

Waze – we thank you.

IMG: les évadés. march 5th 2015. 20h50 (19:50 gmt). france 3 by alatelefr / Flickr cc.

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