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Art Basel is one of the world’s biggest art fairs and this year’s show opened with some curious works of art. One piece in particular, from Australia sculptor Sam Jinks, is stealing the show, and is captivating the crowds.

At any given moment during the show last week, you could see crowds around the sculpture, with iPhones held up taking photos of the nude woman crouching on her knees, raised on a white cube podium. She’s remarkably life-like, just another impressive work from artist Sam Jinks who can definitely claim the title of “most photographed art work” at this year’s Art Basel in Hong Kong.

This year’s Art Basel brought together 233 galleries from 37 countries and territories, with at least half of them being from Asia including Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea. It’s the regional representation that sets this Art Basel apart from its sister shows: Art Basel in Basel and Art Basel in Miami.

It is definitely the place to be, for three days of the year, to see what’s happening in the art world in Asia and beyond. It also coincides with Hong Kong’s Art Month, which also includes an International Film Festival and the Hong Kong Arts Festival. March is the best time to book flights to Hong Kong is you’re addicted to culture like we are.

Img: rojoloco47 / Flickr cc.

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