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Art lovers may find themselves hopping on a cheap flight to Hong Kong before they know it – after all, a groundbreaking new exhibition has just opened.

The Edouard Malingue Gallery threw wide its doors on Tuesday (September 28th), so budding painters can flood in to see 18 works by one of the masters – Picasso,

Many of the canvasses are showing in Asia for the first time, so it could be well worth booking some Hong Kong flights for those alone.

Moreover, the metropolis is beginning to gain a reputation as "a prime arts hub", according to CNN Go, so this is not likely to be the last of such stunning shows in the region – especially as the Edouard Malingue Gallery hs chosen to expand its services there.

The website recommends Head of a Woman with a Hat as one of the must-sees in the exposition.

Painted by Picasso in one of the latter stages of his life, it truly shows his "artistic vitality", it explains.

Even better, the trip will give visitors a chance to get on the tram and see what the same publication recently declared as some real Hong Kong culture.

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