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Cheap flights to Beijing are becoming more widespread – thus widening the appeal of visiting China to many British tourists.

This is according to Andrea Loddo, product and contracts manager at Hayes & Jarvis.

Speaking as the Post Office revealed that American Express has chosen the UK as one of eight international markets – and the only European country – in which to launch Chinese yuan travellers cheques, the industry expert said that accommodation rates in the country have dropped sharply.

This may mean that this is the best possible time to look for cheap hotels in Beijing.

Ms Loddo went on to note that recent mainstream events, such as the Olympic Games, as well as the emergence of China as an economic power, have encouraged tourists to consider the area as a holiday destination.

“First timers want to see all the famous sights like the Great Wall and Imperial Beijing’s Forbidden City, the Terracotta Warriors in Xian and the Bund in Shanghai,” she added.

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