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Feeling the chill of winter yet? Hot springs are the perfect solution and we’ve collected some of the best natural and steaming hot springs around the world which are sure to warm you up this winter while you’re travelling. From Jordan to Tibet, over to Colorado and Canada too.

Banff – Canada


Banff is just heating up this time of the year. As temperatures jump below zero, the ski hills become the most popular place to be in Canada. For a real treat when you’re off the ski hills, head to Banff’s Upper Hot Springs in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. The first bathhouse was built here in 1886 and today it is protected as a Heritage Building. To take a dip, head to the Banff Upper Hot Springs complex, a mile and a half outside of Banff town centre.

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Yambajan – Tibet

These springs are not easy to get to, especially when Tibet is often closed off to tourists but if you’re an adventure traveller by heart, add this place to your travel bucket list. Tibet is home to a number of hot springs but Yambajan is one of the most picturesque and worth the effort it takes to get to the Nyainqentanglha Mountains. There are 8 springs here so choose an indoor or outdoor bath house and get in!

Ma’In Hot Springs – Jordan


Rumour has it that King Herod used to come here for medical treatments way back in the day. Since then countless kings and queens have enjoyed the hot and cold baths. These springs are located 260 metres below sea level, not far from the Dead Sea. The Hammamat Ma’in includes Roman baths, springs and pools but it’s a popular place, so for a more private experience, try going after-hours.

Bath – England

Bath, England

The springs in this part of England have been used since 8,000 BC. The Romans knew there was something special about Bath when they arrived. The first bath house was built here in the first century AD. Their popularity continued through history, especially in the 1700 and 1800s, as described in Jane Austen’s novels. If you want to “take to the waters” in Bath, head to the Thermae Bath Spa.

Dunton Hot Springs – Colorado

This is a perfect day trip if you’re planning a ski holiday in Colorado’s mountains. These springs have been enjoyed since the early 1500s, first by the Ute Indians. The springs sit at about 2,600 metres above sea level. Once the miners came to town, they used to charge 5 cents per dip (it’s much more than that today though!). Once the mining boom folded, the town of Dunton transformed into a resort with their tectonic springs as their key attraction.

What’s your favourite way to warm up in winter?

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