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Jet-setters eager to experience 1930s Shanghai will now be able to do so thanks to a renovation project of one of the city’s accommodation sites.

Anyone looking for cheap flights in Shanghai may be interested to hear that the Peace Hotel has now been restored, thanks to Hirsch Bedner associates and a number of local historians who helped reconstruct its art deco features, AFP reports.

Original features of the building were destroyed or altered throughout 81 years of revolution, war and “ill-conceived renovations”.

But old pictures and architectural drawings were used to recall its former glory, including the return of the Dragon Phoenix restaurant that helps “create the sensation of stepping back in time”, while a new wing has been added, as well as a sky-lit swimming pool.

And those on cheap flights to Shanghai will also soon be able to shop till they drop in none other than top brand Harrods, which is considering launching a new store in the metropolis.

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