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As tourism campaigns go it’s pretty unique: one town in Italy is offering free hotel stays to any guests who conceive whilst staying there!

The Italian town of Assisi, which can be found in the central region of Umbria, has – like much of Italy – been seeing low birth rates, which reached a record low in 2015.

To combat this, the “Fertility Room” campaign has been introduced in Assisi with the slogan: “Venite ad Assisi. Insieme!” (Come to Assisi. Together!).

The idea is simple: any guests who conceive in one of the ten hotels which have so far signed up to take part will receive a free one night stay in the future, or a refund on the one they spent there.

To benefit from the discount, guests simply need to present their child’s birth certificate proving that they were born 9 months after the initial stay in Assisi (with an allowance of 10 days either side).

IMG: Assisi, Roberto Ferrari / Flickr cc.

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