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Mateja, editor of the Reiseblog on headed to Iceland for a road trip in November. It’s probably not the best time for a road trip in Iceland, but who cares! If you’re not put off by a bitter forecast and pack warmly, then there’s no bad time to visit Iceland.

With nearly no cars on the streets, you could say Iceland is a road tripper’s paradise! And this is true not just in November. You can explore practically the entire island in winter and during the colder months, a volcanic eruption is one less thing to worry about.

Tips for a road trip in November

There is no shortage of car rentals in Reykjavik. Our tip: SADcars. The name may not sound very inviting but the service was great, especially for someone planning their first road trip abroad. Their small Toyotas are great, and even includes airport transfers.


Always check the weather forecast. The weather and therefore road conditions change faster than you would believe. Mornings could be rainy, with sunny breaks in the afternoon only to be greeted with snow only a few kilometres later. Not for novice drivers!

Dress warmly! An icy breeze can really make getting out of the car to take a photo quite excruciating.

Bring enough music with you because the radio signals don’t always come through and unless you want to listen to the same DC the entire time, it’s good to bring along a little collection.

Wake up early, with the sun. You can always sleep later and in November, the daylight hours are limited, so are your possibilities to sightseeing. Get on the road by 9am when the run is rising and take advantage of the light. Also, watch out for sheep!

Here are some shots that Mateja took on her trip to Iceland in November. Her guide to sightseeing along Reykjavik-Höfn will be on the blog next week.






iceland snow



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