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If you’ve ever wanted to take an alternative tour of the Czech capital, now is your chance. “CorruptTour” offers trips that are… well… interesting to say the least. Discover the city’s best kept (and corrupt) secrets of incredible Prague.

Overturning the city’s old stones

Prague is known for its beautiful architecture: Charles Bridge, the castle, Saint-Guy Cathedral, town hall, the old Jewish Quarter… but what the tourist guides don’t tell you are that all these places have other stories to tell, a bleaker truth about Prague.

“You can read about Prague’s corruption, but seeing it with your own eyes is even better,”

explained the founder of “CorruptTour,” Petr Sourek. This 38-year old theatre actor and philosopher had enough of his country’s corruption and decided to do something about it. Exposing it for every tourist to see.

“Corruption is a global phenomenon but most people don’t know what it really looks like. With ‘CorruptTour’ we’re proud to be able to offer comprehensive tours of the city’s most corrupt places. “

Astronomical clock

Corruption safari

The agency offers a few different tours, combining popular tourist attractions with “a wide range of corrupt locations and insights into their leaders.” The tours promise to give customers a fun day out in the city, full of adrenaline and adventure.

Charles Bridge

The most popular of its tours is the Prague Safari, which takes the city’s biggest villas (cctv-protected of course) of the most influential “businessmen” of the city. The tour “Hospital on the edge of the law” goes to three different Prague hospitals where state money isn’t being used in the way that it should be. Typical sights?

  • The villa of a lobbyist
  • An expensive and unnecessary cable car
  • Prague’s most expensive road tunnel

Corruption isn’t only a problem in the Czech Republic but one Czech guy is making light of the problem. If you’re interested, check out the tour agency’s website for more details. Tours range from 250 to 600 crowns.

Flights to Prague

Using tourism to uncover corruption… now that’s an idea isn’t it?

Imgs: psanxiao, Moyan_Brenn / Flickr cc.

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