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This incredible East African country has definitely been gaining ground as a tourist destination. In fact, more and more travellers are being seduced by Ethiopia and its sumptuous landscapes. Let’s take a look…

Earlier this month, Ethiopia was designated as the “best destination in the world” by the European Council of Tourism. The CETT is intended to encourage tourism as an engine of social development. Several criteria are evaluated, such as sustainability in tourism, the safety of tourists, the quality of infrastructure, etc.

According to the European Council of Tourism, security and hospitality of the Ethiopians are the country’s main strengths. But Ethiopia is also an attractive choice for its interesting and varied landscapes.

What to see in Ethiopia

  • Giorgis Cathedral and the Mercato in the capital city of Addis Ababa
  • Ruins of Aksum, the Holy City of Ethiopia
  • Rift valley and its many lakes are pure natural wonders
  • the landscapes of the Simien National Park are sumptuous and its fauna is very rich (monkeys, jackals and vultures…oh my!)
  • the Lalibela site, which ‘should be presented to the world as the centre of faith and religious beliefs, in the same way as Jerusalem’, wrote the Council of Tourism
  • the mosques and the churches of Harar

How to get there

Egyptair, Qatar Airways and Turkish Airlines offer cheap flights from London to Addis Ababa, which will set you back around £350-400 if you booked 3-4 months in advance. Ethiopia is a cinch to reach, hardly the end of the world!

Take a look at these photos, just a small impression of the riches, colours and culture that is waiting for you in Ethiopia.










Imgs: David Stanley, sarahTz, Rod Waddington, Irene2005, Ahron de Leeuw, Luigi Guarino / Flickr cc.

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