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Ryanair and Manchester Airport are going through a sort of reconciliation. Two years ago the airline slashed 9 of its routes from the airport due to costly airport fees. Now, new routes from Manchester Airport are on the menu, definitely something to celebrate!

Ryanair, over the course of the coming twelve months will introduce a ton of new routes for travellers booking flights from Manchester. By October, 13 new destinations will be added to the route map and then another 13 by summer of 2012.

Which destinations will Ryanair fly to?

Alicante Barcelona (Gir) Bezier
Biarritz Bremen Brussels
Dublin Faro Frankfurt
Ibiza Katowice Madrid
Malaga Memmingen Milan
Murcia Oslo Palma
Reus Rome Rzeszow
Tallinn Tours Tenerife


Ryanair, and the airport for that matter, hopes to raise passenger numbers back up to what they were two years ago when the airline pulled out of the city, around 2 million a year. The airline hopes this move will create around 2,000 new jobs which include postings at the airport, with pilots, cabin crew as well as for the local economy.

Leave it to Michael O’Leary to compare it to marriage…

“It is like every marriage, you have to work at it. It is not always plain sailing, there’s the occasional bust up, but making up is always better than breaking up. I think it’s like a marriage, there has been compromises on both sides. Being the poor airline we have had to compromise more.”

Travellers who usually depart from Liverpool and Leeds, watch out! In the near future, it may just be worth your money to take-off from Manchester on one of their new flights!

Img: leafer. / Flickr cc.

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