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It may be known for its no-frills service but back in 2013, Ryanair began allowing one extra, small size cabin bag per passenger in a bid to improve its image. Now, the airline is threatening to take it back. 

Traveling with low cost airlines generally means a stripped back service, with fees for extras such as hold luggage. Ryanair has often been seen as the ultimate no-frills airline, however for the last few years its been offering something a number of other low cost carriers do not: the possibility to take two bags on board.

Now, Ryanair is threatening to take away this option as, according to CEO Michael O’Leary, the baggage policy is causing issues at the gate as passengers are bringing too much luggage with them!

Speaking to The Irish Independent, Mr O’Leary said that passengers were taking advantage of the rules and bringing more luggage than the current allowance, warning that “if it doesn’t stop, we’re going to have to change that policy”.

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