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London has become one of the latest cities to consider implementing a tourist tax, which could see visitors to the city paying an extra 5% on their hotel bills. 

Mayor Sadiq Khan announced the plans last week, which would see local authorities given the choice to introduce the tax.

Speaking of the move, Mr Khan said that hotels are able to benefit from London’s popularity as a tourist destination, and that the tourist tax could go towards helping to improve the city.

A number of other cities around the world already impose a tourist tax, such as Berlin. The plans to introduce a similar scheme in London were met with a mixed response, with the British Hospitality Association warning they could deter travellers from visiting the city.

What do you think of the plans?

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One response to “Visitors To London Could Soon Be Paying A Tourist Tax

  1. No, when they introduced it to spain i reduced my stay and spending. I also look at other countries that did not have it.
    I no longer holiday in Spain France and Italy, now i travel out of the EU.

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