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It’s not news that Ryanair has plans to add another fee onto their “rock-bottom” flight ticket prices but this time the low cost airline giant is threatening to impose a surcharge in response to Spain’s rising airport fees.

Passengers who have already booked and paid for their flights to Spain won’t be off the hook either. Ryanair plans to ask them to pay an additional surcharge at the airport before departure or else they will be denied boarding. Harsh?

The airline has already sent out emails informing their future passengers of the possible new surcharge, stating,

“We may be forced to debit passengers for any government imposed increases in airport charges prior to your travel date. If any such tax, fee or charge is introduced or increased after your reservation has been made you will be obliged to pay it (or any increase) prior to departure.”

This comes in response to the proposal to up the country’s airline fees at all of its airports, something the Spanish government seems to be considering. Madrid and Barcelona are to be hit the hardest with its airline fees doubling. On the up side, Ryanair is giving passengers the opportunity who refuse to pay the additional surcharge to receive a full refund of their trip.

While low cost airlines are preparing to hit their passengers with yet another fee, regular airlines like British Airways have confirmed they will absorb to fee and will not chase down more money from their passengers to pay the Spanish taxes.

Img: paolomargari / Flickr cc.

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3 responses to “Ryanair set to add fee on flights to Spain

    1. Hey Marina! Ryanair doesn’t fly across the Atlantic to New York (for now). Their destination network mainly comprises of European cities as well as a handful in North Africa and Turkey.

  1. Ryanair has had lots of deseved negative comment at times, but as a frequent air traveler, can’t really blame them for this.

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