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While plenty of travellers would love to see Ryanair scrap the airport check-in fee altogether, the airline has decided to cut it, making it cheaper for passengers who forget to check-in online.

Ryanair’s new “nice” approach is certainly winning point among budget travellers. The latest move to decrease the fee for airport check-in is certainly a good one! The airport check-in fee, which applies to anyone who forgets to check-in for their flight online has been reduced from £70 per person per flight to £45.

Its missed departure fee has also been reduced, from £110 to £100.

Ryanair is also making it cheaper to fly with special sports equipment. Previously there was a flat rate of £50 for all items. Now, it costs £40 to travel with skis, £30 to travel with a golf bag, and £30 to travel with any small sports bags. Bicycles can travel for a fee of £60.

These changes are just some of the ones that Ryanair has been putting into place since November 2013, when it promised to start improving passenger experience. They have also introduced a new (less annoying) on-time jingle, have revamped their website and joined the ranks of social media with new Twitter and Instagram accounts.

What do you think: is Ryanair doing enough to make passenger’s experience most positive?

Img: traft-carissan / Flickr cc.

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