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The Foreign and Commonwealth Office are warning travellers of possible flash floods, landslides and storms as a powerful typhoon hits the Philippines.

The storm is forcing thousands to look for higher ground as flights and sea crossings are cancelled, leaving some 5,000 passengers and 100 boats stranded along the country’s eastern coast.

Typhoon Noul first hit the north-east of the courtly and is the strongest storm so far this year, with winds reaching speeds of 137mph. After moving inland, the storm took down trees, damaged houses and cut the electricity supplies to much of the region just north of Manila.

The FCO issued travel advice for the Philippines and Taiwan during the storm.

Typhoon Noul/Dodong is predicted to make landfall in the north of the island of Luzon on 10 May. The weather will bring high winds and intense rain. You should monitor the progress of approaching storms and follow the advice of the local authorities.

Around 20 typhoons hit the Philippines each year. Most typhoons occur from June to December and typically bring on flooding and landslides. In other words, it’s best not to book any flights to Manila for the next little while!

Img: cyril4494 / Flickr cc.

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