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Sri Lanka will satisfy on a number of levels but foodie travellers, watch out! You may never want to leave this place again after you taste what’s on offer. Grab this deal if you want to travel cheap to Sri Lanka this year. Fly from London to Colombo for £483 with Oman Air for travel Nov 4-Nov 18, 2011.

As Sri Lanka’s capital and biggest city, there’s no better place to set-down. It also has the best food markets in the country. Sri Lankan cuisine was influenced by products coming aboard foreign trading ships. Rice is a staple, eaten daily. What sets Sri Lankan dishes apart from every other nation’s food are its spices. Curries come in practically every colour, ranging in spiciness and ingredients. There are even some fruit curries!

What to taste and drink in Sri Lanka

  • Hoppers – Usually served alongside dinner of breakfast, these bread paddies are usually served alongside a mix of red onions and spices. The hoppers are made from rice flour, coconut milk and either palm toddy or yeast.
  • Lamprais – This dish starts with rice which is made in a curry stock. It’s served with a few meatballs which are then wrapped in a banana leaf and baked.
  • Koola’ya – Wondering what Sri Lankans do with their curry leftovers? they mix them all together with some fresh rice. This is usually served with chapati.
  • Arrack – The local go-to drink, is make from fermented sap from coconut flowers and fruits. It is aged in wooden barrels. It’s essential that every first-time travellers to Sri Lanka taste it at least once.

Have you ever been to Sri Lanka? What was your favourite thing to eat?

Img: jason highway tan / Flickr cc.

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