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It’s no surprise that pricing is a little skewed at airport shots. It’s a fine mix of captivated shoppers coupled with high operating costs which push up the prices of products far more than what you’d expect. If you’re heading to the airport to shop, think again if you’re hoping to pick up any of these things.

What’s the most common thing travellers buy at airports? Books, magazines, bottles of water, food, souvenirs… When it comes to shopping at the airport it pays to do a little research and compare costs before you go if you want to save money. Here are some tips if you’re in the market to buy duty-free goods, bottled water, and something to read for your flight to Spain or wherever you may be headed.

Duty Free

Deals in the duty-free department always depend on your airport and it is possible to snag some discounts. The term “duty free” doesn’t mean a deal though, especially for luxury beauty products and electronics. These are often cheaper on the high street or online. If you’re a smoker though, from a country with high tax on tobacco, duty-free cigarettes’ll likely be a good buy. Same goes with alcohol.


Foreign Currency

The best way to purchase foreign currency is by withdrawing cash from an ATM once you arrive at your destination. Many foreign currency exchange desks at airports hit customers with high transaction fees. It’s a good idea to get in touch with your bank before travelling to see if any foreign ATM rates apply to your account. Most banks also have travel money available to their clients for a good rate if you need some cash before you leave.

Bottled Water

We all need it when we’re travelling. Flying sure takes a toll on our skin and can really be dehydrating. The best trick? Either travel with a refillable water bottle or one of those collapsable ones and refill it once you go through security at a water fountain. Don’t be caught buying a £3 bottle of Evian.


Souvenirs are almost always more expensive at the airport, and 100% less original. If you need a guide on what to buy and what to leave behind check out our post, Souvenirs: take ’em or leave ’em? We’ll summarise it for your: avoid all things kitsch, useless and Made in China… unless of course you’re shopping for souvenirs after your holiday in China.


Neck pillows

Don’t get caught at the mercy of sky-high airport prices for these kinds of travel “essentials.” Don’t get me wrong, a good neck pillow more than pays for itself on long-haul journeys. Order your neck pillow online for a third of the price before your trip and thank us later.

Are you a chronic airport shopper? 

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