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As long as David Cameron’s government is in charge, there will be no third runway being built at Heathrow he comments as the government launches a commission to explore alternatives. 

Following last week’s government shuffle, the British Prime Minister David Cameron made it very clear that as long as his party was in charge there would be no third runway built at London’s Heathrow Airport before its term ends in 2015. While the Tories see no other option than to build up Heathrow in order to expand the UK’s aviation capacity, the current government is set on exploring alternative options.

Many fear that Britain is falling behind on the fast-pace of aviation technology and failing to offer world-class connections on international flight routes, with airlines preferring to touch-down at airports like Amsterdam’s Schiphol.

As for those living in London’s South West, they complain of added noise pollution, impact on the environment and a general damage to the area’s way of life should the city go ahead with a third runway.

In response, the government has launched a commission to look at the possibilities for increasing the aviation industry’s capacity in the UK which will take until 2015 to complete, leaving the decision of additional runways or more airports in the London area to the next government to take power in a few year’s time. Until then, flights from London will take-off as usual.

What about Boris Johnson’s idea to build an airport in the Thames Estuary?

Where do you stand: third runway for Heathrow or another solution?

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