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Virgin Atlantic is pulling out the big guns to create the world’s most luxurious (and a bit outlandish) travel accessory. Partnering up with Swarovski, the airline has created eyeshades worth an estimated £2,500 designed to give passengers “The Most Expensive Night’s Sleep Ever” (their words).

The airline has created five unique and individual eyeshades to celebrate the launch of their new amenity kits which are not available on all Virgin Atlantic flights. The shades are encrusted with thousands of the crystals in the shapes of sunglasses, everything from classic aviators to Kanye West’s crazy shades (how does he even see out of those?).

Each shade is made with up to 3,000 of the Swarovski crystals in red, white and blue, each applied to the fabric by hand by Saima Anwar, the artist responsible for Katy Perry’s crystal eye lashes.

Virgin eyeshades

One could be yours

Here’s the exciting bit, Virgin is hiding one of each design on their long-haul flights from Los Angeles and New York and for Economy class passengers to find, hidden in their amenity kits. Even if your kit doesn’t contain a crystal-encrusted one, the new kits still feature the signature red eyeshade with the sunglass designs on them.

These look like they’d be a dream to sleep in but if you find it hard to catch serious shut-eye on flights, take a look at this, Sleeping on a plane: the ultimate guide.

Which one would you hope to find in your amenity kit?


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