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While easyJet embraces the “Family Friendly Scheme,” its rival Ryanair launches a new “Family Extra” service. It’s about time low cost airlines start catering to families. And finally relief has come for parents travelling with young kids on low cost flights!


More families are taking off for holidays abroad than ever before and many of them are opting to fly low cost in an effort to save money. easyJet announced it was dedicated to making travel easier for families by partnering up with the Family and Parenting Institute and becoming a member of Mumsnet Family Friendly.

Their promise:

easyJet is committed to making your experience as easy as it can and we are currently working towards creating our family Q&A pack including a helpful checklist which will provide you with all the information you will require. easyJet operate a free seating policy however our families travelling with Children under 5 are invited to board the aircraft ahead of boarding group 2 to ensure you are seated together.

That family Q&A pack is available to download from the easyJet website.

easyJet is also catering to families by:

  • Allowing priority boarding for families, right after Speedy Boarding passengers
  • Free transport of 2 items for every infant (pushchair, buggy, travel cot, back carrier…)
  • Changing tables installed in all aircraft
  • Possibility of bringing food and drinks onboard for children, up to 1l for sterilised water and baby milk.


Do you remember April 1, 2011 when Ryanair announced it would be launching child-free flights? It was obviously an April Fool’s Joke but other airlines are actually considering such a thing! Ryanair, thankfully, is past all those silly tropes and is finally starting to be nice to its passengers!

Finally the low cost airline from Ireland is starting to change its tune when it comes to families travelling with children onboard their flights. Here are some of the new perks and services available from Ryanair:

  • 50% discount on allocated seats for children, on child hold baggage and travel insurance for children
  • Discount on priority boarding for families
  • Reduced fares for infants travelling on the laps of their parents/guardians: £20 instead of £30
  • A baby bag up to 5kg can also be carried for free
  • Free carriage of 2 baby items (1 pushchair, plus 1 car seat, booster seat or travel cot)

Want to know more? How to fly long-haul with kids in tow.

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