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Seattle marketing producer has launched an online company that could cut your travel costs in half – but what’s the catch?

Well, in order to save some serious bucks you need to be willing to share a hotel room with a stranger. Bryon Shannon, who founded the travel website called ‘Winston Club’, is hoping to target people who use hostels or services like Couchsurfing or Airbnb.

Joining the club is free and you have complete control over your potential roommate. Winston Club refers a member to you based on biographical information provided by club members; you then accept or reject the referred member.

Like most hotel booking sites, Winston Club makes its money by collecting a percentage of the room charge, currently they have partnerships with 12 premier hotels across the west coast including hotels in Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Las Vegas and San Francisco.

The mission behind the start-up was to give people a low-cost way to access comfort and convenience that hotels provide. In addition, many people are looking to meet new people when traveling and Winston Club offers a safe, reliable and money efficient way to do this.

IMG: Sofitel So Bangkok – Wood Element Room – 01 by Traveloscopy / Flickr cc.

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