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Smart suitcases just keep getting smarter and following in the steps of phones; they are now becoming hands-free.

An Israeli-based company, NUA Robotics, have designed a suitcase, equipped with a camera sensor and Bluetooth technology, which is able to move automatically when activated by a smartphone app.

The carry-on suitcase has a proximity detection feature which helps it to travel at the user’s pace and avoid bumping into any obstacles along the way. Other features include: built-in rechargeable battery, USB output, anti-theft alarm, weight and location data and it is also made with strong ABS materials.

The suitcase is currently at prototype stage, but the designers aim to have a finalised version of the suitcase on sale by this Christmas, the retail price has not yet been determined.

Currently the speed is 5km/h – which means the hands-free feature if not great if you rushing to catch your flight to Paris. But the creators have confirmed that they are looking into making its optimal speed faster.

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